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I am a training consultant on, bilingual English Qualiopi, I have more than 10 years of experience teaching how to use I specializes in creating tailor-made courses that guide users through the basics of the platform, as well as more advanced topics such as as automation and reporting. My goal is to ensure that each client’s team obtains quickly, efficiently and safely trust with I am an expert in the features and best practices of the platform for collaboration, task management, scheduling projects, customer relationship management (CRM), reporting and analysis. I creates personalized solutions that meet the individual needs of each team. My clients have seen a dramatic improvement in productivity and collaboration of their teams since they hired me as a training consultant on

I am available for remote or onsite sessions, providing personalized assessments and step-by-step guidance that helps users to get the most out of Thanks to my knowledge, my expertise and my enthusiasm for teaching, I can help you, you and your team, to maximize your potential on the platform. Contact me get started today!

My Trainer content in two words presents itself as an operating system intended for professionals (Work OS), offering teams the confidence needed to successfully complete their projects and workflows of work. It is a Work OS that is both simple and intuitive, allowing teams to personalize their workflows, adapt to changing needs, promote transparency, collaborate effectively and get rid of tasks manual and tedious. In summary, improves the effectiveness of teamwork. was specially developed to meet the needs of needs of teams, whatever their size. It offers a valuable assistance to both small start-ups and large ones businesses, helping them improve their collaboration. Her versatility is such that its clients come from a multitude of different markets and industries. integrates a variety of tools, such as Dropbox, Zapier, Google Drive, Trello, Slack and other management tools, by also offering the possibility of accessing APIs and enable additional integrations as needed specific to the team. A particularly useful integration for this type of software is the connection with Google Calendar, although this synchronization is one-way. This means that the deadlines recorded on are recorded on Calendar, but not the other way around. In addition to deadlines, other events such that meetings or vacations can also be synchronized.

Collaboration is at the heart of this software, and the ability to carry out Constructive discussions are essential. Within the platform, the team members can leave comments, upload videos documents, ask questions, engage in discussions and respond to doubts of other members. Additionally, it is possible to leave notes internal, follow activities and interact via Facebook and Twitter. offers 4 pricing plans that adjust their base price depending on the number of users, ranging from 2 to more than 200. For all plans, there is a free trial of 14 days. You have the choice of paying monthly, annually or every 2 years with a 32% reduction on the plan price selected.

Let’s take the example of a team of 5 users, here are the prices correspondents: Basic plan from €25 per month: It includes storage of 5 GB files, a dashboard, an application for iOS and Android, plus phone and mail support Electronic available 24/7. Standard Plan from €39 per month: It includes all Basic plan features, as well as 50 GB of storage files, the possibility of sharing the board with up to 4 guests, timeline and calendar view, integrations and automations. Pro plan at €59 per month: It offers all the features main as well as an unlimited number of files. Enterprise Plan: Its price is to be agreed with the administrators of the platform. It includes all the advanced features of the software, as well as one-on-one training (1to1) and a manager dedicated clientele. It is important to note that these rates are based on a team of 5 users and may vary depending on the number of users selected. Training Content is an intuitive and user-friendly platform that allows teams to collaborate on projects in real time. She offers a variety of tools, particularly for task management, planning projects, developing schedules, automation and reporting. Thanks to his “drag and drop” interface and its interactive tables, the system allows users to easily view the status progress of their projects and tasks. Additionally, offers powerful collaboration features that enable team members to communicate quickly and effectively.

The platform is highly customizable, allowing users to personalize their workspace according to their preferences and the structure of their team. Teams can organize their workflows in many ways in, from color coding tasks to organizing space work in projects and files. Thanks to its numerous features, facilitates collaboration, simplifies task management and boosts productivity on all types of projects.

Once users have mastered the basics of, they can start exploring its features more advanced. From automation to optimization of workflows work, reporting and analytics, provides teams with many ways to streamline their processes and to have a better overview of their projects. The tools automation allow users to define rules personalized messages that trigger notifications or actions response to specific events. This function can be used to automate tedious tasks, such as setting up place for recurring reminders or task notifications.

Additionally,’s analytics and reporting features enable teams to review past performance and anticipate future future workloads. By analyzing their data, users can obtain valuable information about the progress of their team and how they can improve the quality of their work.

Project management with is easy and efficient, thanks to its intuitive interface and powerful tools. The platform allows users to access their tasks from any device and stay informed of progress of their projects while traveling. Teams can also easily track the status of each task in real time and use automated notifications to keep all world informed of changes.

Additionally, facilitates collaboration between members of the team thanks to its intuitive chat function and its communication tools. data sharing. It also offers powerful analytics functions that allow teams to evaluate their progress over time and make the necessary adjustments. With, teams can easily visualize the entire life cycle of a project, planning to implementation and beyond. offers users the ability to personalize their workspace with models, colors and personalized views. Users can choose from a wide selection of predefined views or create their own views to better visualize the information. Additionally, the functionality’s “drag and drop” makes it easy to reorganize tasks and prioritization of projects. Thanks to his advanced features users can customize their workspace to meet their individual needs and maximize their productivity. is a powerful project management platform that allows teams to collaborate effectively and achieve their goals faster. Its intuitive interface, its complete functionalities and its customization options make it one of the most popular solutions versatile tools available today. From automation tools to reports and analyses, Monday.

My FAQ from Formateur is an online project management and collaboration collaboration platform that keeps teams on track and connected stay on track and connected, whatever their location or working style. It enables users to assign tasks, set deadlines set deadlines and track progress with ease. simplicity. Thanks to flexible views and customizable workflows customizable workflows, makes it easy for teams to manage manage large-scale projects while staying organized and day-to-day tasks. The platform also provides a real-time collaboration interface, giving teams the ability to comment, share ideas and use videoconferencing tools. videoconferencing tools. also offers a wide range of range of integrations with popular applications such as Dropbox, Slack and Google Drive, enabling users to access access all their work documents in one place. From file management to progress tracking, is a powerful powerful tool that helps teams stay connected and productive. It’s the ideal platform for improving collaboration between team members and keep projects on track. Using all its features, teams can easily teams can easily collaborate and achieve their goals faster than ever before. offers a range of features and tools that make project management easier and more efficient. The platform’s simple user interface makes it easy for quickly, enabling teams to get up and running up and running. It also offers real-time collaboration such as comment threads, videoconferencing support and integrations with videoconferencing and integrations with popular applications such as Dropbox and Slack. Teams can easily track project progress with’s customizable reporting options, while staying connected to the rest of the discussion forums. Finally, offers excellent customer support, so that customers never never have to worry about a lack of help when they need it most. when they need it most. With all these features, is an invaluable invaluable tool that helps teams stay organized, productive productive and motivated when working together on the following project topics. facilitates collaboration between team and improves productivity by offering an intuitive user interface and powerful collaboration tools. Thanks to features such as comment threads, videoconferencing support and application videoconferencing and application integration, teams can quickly start teams can quickly start working on their projects. also makes it easy for users to track project progress through customizable reporting options reporting options, so that everyone is always up to date with what’s of what’s happening within the team. Finally, offers 24/7 customer support, so teams never have to worry about never have to worry about a lack of help when they need it most. they need it most. By leveraging these features, enables teams to collaborate more effectively and get results faster. offers powerful integrations with other applications, so teams can get the most out of their of their projects. Examples include Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zoom and many others. These integrations allow users to connect their existing accounts to facilitate collaboration. For example, users of users can quickly link documents from Dropbox or send messages directly from Slack without ever leaving the platform. In addition, offers API access so that teams can create customized solutions to meet their specific needs. their specific needs. By leveraging these integrations and API access, enables teams to collaborate more effectively effectively on any project! has several key features that set it apart project management platforms. First and foremost Firstly, the platform is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to manage projects with ease. In addition,’s customizable dashboards give users a quick view of the entire project, allowing them to see so they can see what’s going on at all times. This helps teams to stay on track and ensure deadlines are met. deadlines are met. In addition, provides powerful collaboration tools that enable teams to work together seamlessly together seamlessly without having to leave the application or switching from one application to another, thus boosting productivity levels. Finally, its task automation function enables teams to easily create automated processes and routines within their workflow, which can workflows, which can save them a great deal of time and effort effort over the long term. offers a range of customization options to help companies tailor the platform to their specific needs. These include custom fields, templates templates, notifications and integrations that enable teams to teams to create tables tailored to their particular projects or workflows. workflows. Companies can also use API access provided by to develop customized to better control data and processes. Finally,’s powerful collaboration tools enable teams to coordinate tasks in real time and keep everyone keep everyone informed of progress. By leveraging these features, companies can make the most of of and ensure the success of their projects!

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