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romain rissoan consultant formateur smo medias sociaux

I’m a bilingual English-speaking Qualiopi social media training consultant in Lyon. in Lyon, Paris and Marseille on Social Media Management. My experience in Social Media and Networks positions me as a Community Manager, Social Media and Webmarketing coordinator. I work for and large groups as an SMO and Social Media expert speaker.

As a Social Media Training Consultant in Lyon, I provide them with support support and advice on how to use social media in their strategy. strategy. My services include: content creation, communication training communication, webmarketing strategies, online reputation management online reputation management, etc. I have a good knowledge of the main social networks networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) as well as others such as Pinterest and Snapchat. Thanks to my expertise in SMO and social media, I can help I’m able to help companies develop their online presence and get closer to their potential customers. As part of my services services, I also offer workshops to train employees in the use of the the use of the various tools available for social media management social media…. In addition, I offer personalized coaching sessions that help companies better understand how they can use social media platforms social media platforms to achieve their objectives. In short, I offer a comprehensive service that enables companies to increase their visibility on the most popular social networks. With my support and advice, companies can optimize their communication and maximize their return on investment through social media. media. By keeping abreast of digital trends and best practices in web marketing and best practices in web marketing, I’m able to bring fresh ideas and strategies strategies that guarantee business success. My experience understanding of what type of content works best for each platform platform and how to use it effectively. In addition, I provide support, if required, to ensure that my customers are always well informed about the latest developments in social media. In this way, they stay one step ahead of their competitors by deriving maximum value from their SMO strategies. With my dedication and expertise, I can help companies increase their online visibility and reach more customers. At the same time, my goal is to work with organizations that see social media as an important part of their marketing strategy. marketing strategy. By investing in an independent training consultant like myself me, companies can benefit from my knowledge and expertise to achieve expertise to get better results from their SMO campaigns. By this way, companies can be sure of maximizing the return on investment for every dollar spent on digital promotion. My aim is always to provide high-quality services that will success to any organization looking for a reliable SMO partner. With years of experience in social media management and digital marketing and digital marketing, I’m convinced that I can help your stand out from the competition by providing effective strategies and digital marketing services. With my help, your reach more customers and grow in the digital world! digital world! Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

My Social Media Trainer content

Social Media in a nutshell

SMO, for Social Media Optimization, is all about improving web referencing through social media. SMO uses both natural techniques and advertising campaigns. The SMO, along with SEO and SEA (search engine optimization and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Marketing). comment on and share publications. As a result, SMO requires reactivity. A company’s brand image is highly dependent on the on the administration of social media pages, and the company’s e-reputation must be closely monitored.

SMO works in much the same way as SEO and SEA. those of SEO and SEA: social media help to improve a company’s the company’s web referencing, provided that it interests the interests of the target clientele. But unlike SEO and SEA, SMO aims to appeal to the brand’s community of subscribers la marque, et non les moteurs de recherche. Ses techniques de marketing sont donc sensiblement différentes. Le SMO nécessite d’entreprendre les actions suivantes :

Être présent sur les plateformes social media. L’entreprise s’inscrit sur les réseaux sociaux pertinents, y crée des profils attractifs et y publie activement du contenu. Avoir une stratégie de contenu. De la même manière qu’elle alimente son blog, l’entreprise anime ses comptes sur les médias sociaux. Elle diffuse du contenu stratégique eu égard à son audience, et and uses redirect links to drive traffic to its website. However, best practices differ from SEO to SMO: on social networks, the brand must directly engage the audience interest with short, punchy content, whereas search engines are more concerned with keywords keywords and content length. SMO works mainly through viral posts shared by the community, which increase the reach of social networks. Pay for advertising campaigns. Most social networks offer different advertising formats. LinkedIn, for example offers Sponsored Contents, Text Ads, Sponsored InMails and Dynamic Ads. Sponsored InMails” and “Dynamic Ads”. The publication and performance criteria differ from those of Google’s advertising Google’s advertising network. Monitor and moderate. Social media are interactive: subscribers “like”, comment on and share publications, comment on and share publications. As a result, SMO requires reactivity. A company’s brand image is highly dependent on the on the administration of social media pages, and the company’s e-reputation must be closely monitored.

First of all, it’s important to distinguish between these two acronyms. these two acronyms which, even if they have the same purpose, require approach and tools.

SEO (for Search Engine Optimization) is the strategy to be implemented to optimize the referencing of sites, and therefore their ranking ranking, in search engine results. It involves different techniques, starting with tags and keywords to technical site optimization. SMO (for Social Media Optimization) is a comprehensive strategy aimed at acquiring traffic for your social network accounts using their functionalities.

Social Media Training Content Social

– Social strategy audit

– Measuring the effectiveness of your social strategy

– An overview of basic social media platforms and “emerging”

– Follow the rise of the TikTok platform

– Identify their communities and interests

– Differentiate between influencers and ambassadors – Identify fake accounts – Run influence campaigns – Analyze and promote your notoriety – Best case to activate leverage

– High Performance Content Overview

– Problems with images and videos

– 3 positions for social advertising

– Social selling and social shopping

– Social CRM and Loyalty – The latest brand experience on Youtube and TikTok

History of social media and its evolution on your audience

Identify the different types of social media Taking stock of user-generated content CGU (photos, videos, presentations and documents) Return to the concept of community on the internet and the needs of the community Imagine the role of the Internet user within their community

Represent the notion of interactions with needs of the company and the needs of its audience

Appropriate the profession of Community Manager, vector of sound image business How can the community manager convey and work on the image of his business?

My Social Media Trainer FAQ

Social media is a common form of media where people people communicate with each other through various networks. It used to share information, connect with friends and family friends and family, and to connect with others in the same industry. Social media provides a platform for people to people to communicate freely with others about current current events, news and topics of interest. However, many people believe that social media are not are not mass media because they are not a reliable source of reliable information. They believe that social media are not a reliable source of information and may not be trustworthy.

On the one hand, social media require the user to have a device with Internet access. This limits who can use it and how they can use it. For example, many countries block access to social media websites for political reasons political reasons or because of local laws. As a result, many users are unable to use social media while traveling, which their ability to communicate. In addition, some networks require the user to be online to post content. display content. As a result, social media can be limited by the user’s location and Internet access. Internet access. Social media are also highly targeted at younger users. Many companies invest a great deal of time and time and money to attract this demographic. For example companies will spend millions on advertising to attract younger users. They will also hire celebrities like Kylie Jenner or Harry Styles to advertise their products or products or brands. This means that young users are the main consumers of social media and are easily influenced by what they see in ads. In fact, most most users are under 40 and most are under 25 are immersed in social media

Social media has become an important way for people to people to communicate and connect with others. Many many people use social networks to improve their lives their lives, but others abuse them. The use of social media can help improve a person’s life and relationships. However, this technology has the potential to negatively affect a person’s life. Therefore, it’s important that people understand how to use social media responsibly. responsibly. Proper use of social media can help a person connect with family and friends, find employment and learn and learn about topics that interest them.

One way to use social media responsibly is to to use it to connect with family and friends. This is particularly useful for people who live far away from those those with whom they want to communicate. People who social media can easily connect with the friends and family friends and family they want to communicate with. This allows them to easily share photos, videos and messages messages with the people they want to communicate with. communicate with. They can also easily connect with the people with the people they want to meet in person, so that they can meet in person. People who use can easily connect with the people they want to with whom they wish to communicate. This allows them to keep in touch with the people they care about. loved ones. Social media are also used by many people to to find a job. Those interested in a particular profession can use social media platforms to search platforms to search for careers in that industry. They then use this information to create a profile on these platforms these platforms so that employers can view their information. The information on their profiles will include detailed summaries of their skills and experience, making them make them easy to find when employers are hiring employees. This makes it easy for people interested in certain professions to easily find work via these platforms.

Social networks have become an integral part of many people’s of many people’s lives. However, some people think that social networking is a waste of time and distracts attention from more important activities. On the other hand, others believe that social media can be an excellent way of communicating communicate with customers and employees. Ultimately, you have to weigh up the pros and cons of using social media before deciding whether or not it’s worthwhile. Social media help companies to communicate with their customers in a more personal way than traditional traditional advertising methods. By having a presence on social networks networks, companies can respond quickly and effectively to to customers’ questions. This can be particularly useful for companies dealing with customer service issues. By responding quickly to these questions, companies can solve problems more efficiently and satisfy their customers. customers. This can have a positive impact on the company’s brand and reputation. It also creates a sense of loyalty among customers who are satisfied with their company’s customer service. Social media is also an excellent way of connecting with current and potential customers. By having a presence on socialworld, companies can quickly and effectively new customers quickly and effectively. This can be particularly particularly useful for companies dealing with high-quality or services. Social media platforms enable customers to customers to easily compare the products and services of several companies to find the best deals. It also companies to interact easily with their customers, by offering them the opportunity to ask questions or share feedback on their products or services. Companies need must find a way to be present on social networks.

One of the reasons companies use social media use social media is that it’s an excellent way to connect to connect with customers. It enables them to reach their customers and prospects. Social media enable companies to establish themselves as experts in their niche market. market. They can also easily interact with their customers and answer questions on topics ranging from marketing strategies marketing strategies to product launches. Social media are an excellent way for companies to connect with their customers.

Social media platforms also enable users to interact interact with companies and ask questions in real time. questions in real time. Many people use social media to brainstorm new ideas or solutions to problems. solutions to problems. Companies use social media platforms to gather public feedback on their products and services. their products and services. This helps them to improve their products and services over time. A strong presence on social networks networks helps to create a sense of community around a company and its products. On the other hand, some people think that social networks aren’t worth the time and money invested. They think it time-consuming and difficult to manage. Not all demographics Not all demographics find the same platforms useful. Some people are better at social networking than than others. This forces these companies’ employees to spend time managing time managing these platforms instead of concentrating on their core business functions.

Social media is a great way to connect with customers with customers, but it can also be a source of confusion and confusion and frustration. Social media platforms are used to connect used to connect with people and share information. information, but they are also used to communicate with people and share information. The key is to know how to use social media effectively so that you can reach the people you want to hear from. A good way to do this is to answer the questions that customers customers have on social media platforms.

One way to connect with subscribers online is to answer the questions they ask. Some people ask questions about questions about your products or services so that others can learn learn more about them. If you’re the first person to answer someone’s question on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, you’ve just become a hero! You’re also demonstrating that you’re a responsive company that cares about the needs of needs. This kind of communication builds trust and makes customers happy. It’s also a great way to build a reputation for being responsiveness and concern for your customers’ needs. It’s important to to respond quickly when someone asks a question, as people will naturally people will naturally choose companies that are attentive and helpful. When you choose to connect with customers customers online, be sure to present yourself in a professional professional. A clean logo, a professional website and an easily navigable navigable layout are essential elements of your brand presentation. presentation of your brand. That’s why it’s important to to use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as they help the general public discover your your company.
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