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Linkedin Trainer Consultant

romain rissoan consultant formateur linkedin

LinkedIn Consultant Trainer bilingual English-speaking Qualiopi in Lyon, Paris and Marseille. My experience in social networking for SMEs and large groups as a groups as a LinkedIn expert speaker.

I have given numerous conferences and workshops, in both English and French, to help entrepreneurs, jobseekers, recruiters and students develop their students develop their professional network. As a LinkedIn Consultant Trainer, I can provide an overview of the best best practices for using LinkedIn to generate leads, build a professional online brand, increase visibility with potential clients or employers, optimize a profile for specific search specific search terms, and strategies for connecting with key with key influencers in an industry. Thanks to my expertise in data analysis and content curation on social media platforms social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, I can also offer you also offer you powerful marketing campaigns that will help you reach as many people as possible. In addition, I offer one-to-one coaching sessions tailored to the client’s needs, so they can get the most out of their networking efforts. networking efforts. My years of experience with LinkedIn can help you help you make the most of your profile, establish yourself as an industry industry expert and leverage your network to reach new heights in your career. new heights in your career. I’ve helped many clients succeed in their professional endeavors by providing them with to navigate the ever-changing world of social media. world of social media. If you’re looking for a skilled and experienced LinkedIn consultant-trainer experienced LinkedIn consultant-trainer who can tailor solutions to your please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to helping you take your networking efforts to the next level!

My LinkedIn Trainer content

LinkedIn in two words

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional professional network. You can use LinkedIn to find the right job or job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to succeed to succeed in your career. You can access LinkedIn LinkedIn from a desktop, LinkedIn mobile app, mobile web experience or the Android mobile app LinkedIn Lite mobile application. A LinkedIn Profile package can help you connect with opportunities by presenting your unique through experience, skills and education. education. You can also use LinkedIn to organize offline events, join groups, write articles, publish articles, publish photos and videos, and much more.

Is LinkedIn free to use? LinkedIn is absolutely free if you use it to develop your network. You can be on the platform without paying a single cent? for anything.

But LinkedIn is very smart, and they’ve realized that there’s money to be made from the behavior of its members. So they so they decided to set up a range of solutions to help you your business or simply to recruit talent to your team. Sales Navigator comes to mind. Rest assured that for normal use of LinkedIn to develop your network develop your network, it will remain free for some time. for some time.

Whether it’s through your summary, content sharing groups, LinkedIn lets you prove your value and expertise expertise publicly. It’s not enough to simply be active on the network or share other people’s information. Creating content gives you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your field. You can create content by publishing an article on a topic that will bring value to your readers, create a group or join one that interests you. Interacting, by replying to posts from other users and providing added value, increases your goodwill and gives you and gives you credibility. What’s more, by studying other people’s online behavior, you’ll get to know their desires and their desires and aspirations. Which is ideal if you to approach them?

On LinkedIn, employers regularly publish new new job offers. The social network targets offers that you might be interested in. Few jobseekers even think about think to consult these offers on LinkedIn, but most of them are most of them are new, and can’t be found elsewhere. Don’t register on LinkedIn, you’re guaranteed to miss out on several professional opportunities

LinkedIn Training content

What is LinkedIn?

Digital language Challenges on LinkedIn Account settings Overview of functions

Improve your profile

LinkedIn algorithm Create a LinkedIn company page Think keywords Understand the added value of your offer Tailor your LinkedIn profile to your offer

Which companies are looking for your offer?

Develop your network Choose the communication method best suited to your offer Search for prospects automatically

Define your acquisition strategy

Create engaging content Build relationships with potential customers Create a conversion funnel Data-rich multi-channel strategy Analyze your results

Know how to prospect and find useful contacts.

Know best practices in networking. Use newsgroups. Organize your portfolio of contacts and prospects. Promote your publications on LinkedIn: Ads and Sponsored posts. Discover paid recruitment solutions.

Create or improve a company page.

Create a showcase page on LinkedIn. Understanding your company page statistics: LinkedIn Content marketing score. Create and manage a discussion group: creation, charter, moderation rules.

Understanding the differences between objectives available

Define your advertising budget Define your advertising targeting criteria Retarget website visitors Optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis Measure advertising conversions Measure advertising performance Measure the overall performance of your company page

The different types of groups

Participate effectively in existing groups Creating your own group

My LinkedIn Trainer FAQ

LinkedIn is a site where professionals can connect connect with each other and build relationships. It’s also also an ideal place to find jobs, research companies research companies and connect with industry experts. experts. If you haven’t signed up for LinkedIn yet, you you should! Here’s a quick guide to help you get started get started: 1) Create a profile: LinkedIn is all about building relationships, so your profile is essential. Include a professional photo, an overview overview of your work experience and skills, and anything else anything that might help someone get to know you better. 2) Connect with people: LinkedIn is ideal for networking. Once you’ve got a profile, start connecting with connect with colleagues and friends, as well as other professionals in your industry. 3) Join groups: LinkedIn offers a ton of different groups you can join, on everything from job hunting to marketing from job hunting to marketing advice. Joining a group is a great way to get in touch with like-minded people like-minded people and engage in interesting discussions. discussions. Linkedin is an excellent resource for job seekers. It has a vast network of professionals from all industries industries, making it an ideal place to find new jobs and network jobs and network with other professionals. You can search for jobs in your area and see who’s hiring. You can also learn more about the companies and industries industries from the people in those positions. This can help you discover new opportunities or gain more knowledge about your current field of work. It’s also a excellent way to meet people who work in similar fields, which similar fields, making it even easier to find new opportunities. You should definitely take a look! a look! Linkedin helps you find industry contacts and learn more about learn more about companies and jobs. You can see who’s looking for people in your field or industry, making it industry, making it easy to find opportunities when you when you need them most. You don’t even have to leave the platform platform; you can easily apply for jobs wherever you are you are at the time! This means you’ll never be too far away from a job opportunity – simply apply when you you have the time! The ability to apply for jobs wherever you is an incredible feature!

There are many reasons to join LinkedIn, but here are just a few: 1) Keep in touch with colleagues and friends: LinkedIn is a great way to keep in touch with the people you know, both both professionally and personally. 2) Find jobs and research companies: LinkedIn is an excellent an excellent resource for job seekers. You can search for jobs, research companies and get in touch with contacts with industry experts. 3) Get the latest news and information: LinkedIn is a place to keep abreast of what’s going on in your industry. industry. You can read articles, participate in discussions and follow companies and people that interest you. Linkedin is a great way to network and get in touch with potential employers. Many people find their first job on LinkedIn. It’s a great way to showcase your skills and experience to potential employers. employers. What’s more, it’s a great way to network with other professionals in your field and make connections with other other people who may know about your ideal position. When you find a job via LinkedIn, you’re usually hired hired via the same connection. This makes it easier to get a job you’d never have found elsewhere. So it’s a great way to develop your career and find new new opportunities. Linkedin is a fantastic place to share information and find out more about job fairs and vacancies. It’s also also a fantastic way to connect with professionals professionals in your sector so you can learn more about them. about them. For example, you can use LinkedIn to find out which professionals are looking for peace officers in the police department. You can then apply for the position so you can start earning money right away! This makes LinkedIn an invaluable tool for professionals looking for a job, or employers looking for employees. for employees.

If you decide you no longer wish to use LinkedIn, you can close your account at any time. All you have to do is go to the “Settings” tab and click on the “Close my account” link. “Close my account” link. You will be asked to confirm your decision then your account will be permanently deleted. You can close your linked account by sending a message to customer service. Closing your LinkedIn account does not have any negative negative effect, so you need to send a message to customer service if you wish to close your account. You must send a message to Customer Service if you plan to delete your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn account as it will delete your account after 30 days of inactivity. Closing your LinkedIn account helps you get a fresh start and remove any trace of past mistakes or bad career decisions. decisions. To close your LinkedIn account, you must first delete it from LinkedIn. To delete your LinkedIn account, you need to contact our support team. Another way to delete your LinkedIn account is to contact the support team. they can delete inactive accounts free of charge. Although deleting deleting your LinkedIn account helps you start again, it also also resets all your connections, as deleted accounts do not appear deleted accounts do not appear in search results.

Creating a LinkedIn company page is an excellent way to great way to showcase your achievements and attract employers. Potential employers will see your experience and skills listed on your LinkedIn company LinkedIn Company Page. This allows them to find out more about you and contact you. A LinkedIn company page also makes it potential employees to easily find job opportunities in your industry. Most people create a LinkedIn company page when they start a new career or business. a new company. Creating one is the first step in making yourself make yourself more employable. Adding contact information to your LinkedIn Company Page is a great way to network with potential employers. Potential employers will be able to contact you easily by e-mail or by phone. It’s a great way to get more information information about your company and find out whether you’re a good candidate for the job. It’s also a great way to let them know let them know when you’re looking for new opportunities or need help with something specific. The information you you add has a direct impact on how you are viewed by potential employers online. Creating a LinkedIn company page is an excellent way to to attract potential customers and showcase your achievements. Potential customers will see what you’ve done and know what you can offer them. It’s also a great way to showcase your company’s accomplishments and generate interest interest of potential employees, customers and partners. It’s also important to ensure that everything on your LinkedIn company page is LinkedIn company page is accurate, up-to-date and complete. This will help potential customers know exactly who they’re dealing with with.

Applying for jobs on Linkedin is quick and easy. You can easily apply for jobs using the “Jobs” tab on the home page. “Jobs” tab on the home page. This tab features a filter function filter function that lets you apply for jobs according to specific categories such as “industry” or “location”. You can also filter by employer and select the jobs you wish to apply for. for which you wish to apply. Once you’ve found a position that suits you, click on the “Apply” button “to send your CV to the hiring manager. You can customize your LinkedIn profile to match the job match the job you’re applying for. This is useful if you have several roles in different companies or levels of experience levels. For example, you can publish a screenshot of your current role on LinkedIn so that potential employers can immediately see your level of experience. You can also also create a customized title for each job so that potential potential employers know what to expect from you when they contact you via LinkedIn. Many people prefer not to apply for jobs on Linkedin because it’s a lesser-known platform compared to other job boards like Monster or CareerBuilder. This makes it more difficult for some candidates to get noticed by recruiters when applying for jobs on this platform. platform. Some people prefer to use more popular platforms like Monster and CareerBuilder if they want to have a better have a better chance of getting interviews.

Groups are a great way to connect and network with other network with other professionals. This is possible because each group has an associated URL – Creating a group is simple and easy, and you can do it on the website itself. You can also create groups via the mobile application and the desktop application. Creating a group is a great way to meet new people and discover new opportunities in your new opportunities in your field. It’s also useful for companies and organizations that want to share resources resources with other professionals in their industry. industry. There are many different types of groups on LinkedIn, each with its own purpose. Some groups are for networking purposes networking purposes and help you meet new people in your industry. Other groups are for educational purposes and help you help you stay up to date on certain topics. Others are dedicated to charitable causes and help raise funds for organizations or causes that need it most. Whatever whatever your group’s purpose, it’s sure to help you network network and build relationships with other professionals in your your field. Creating a group can help you network and find new contacts for your contacts for your business or work. This is due to due to the extended search options of groups compared to user profile options. You can easily find people who share your interests by using the search bar search bar. Many people create groups to easily find potential employees or customers when looking for a job or contract. It’s also also useful for companies looking for new suppliers or partners suppliers or partners, as it enables them to easily find who share their interests and objectives. interests and objectives.

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