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As a trainer google ads Consultant, Qualiopi bilingual English, I work as an SEO specialist mainly in Lyon, Paris and Marseille. My experience with Google Adwords position me as u in SEM, SEO, SEA. I work for SMEs and and large groups as a Google Adwords expert speaker. My main aim is to help you make the most of your digital digital strategy. I guarantee results and offer advice tailored to your needs. My services include managing Google Ads campaigns, keyword research, competitor analysis, search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rate optimization (CRO) and much more. optimization (CRO) and much more. I also provide regular performance performance reports and monthly budget reviews so you can be sure your that your campaigns are running optimally.

I’m a Consultant Trainer for Google Ads, Google Analytics and other leading tools such as DoubleClick Bid Manager and Marin Software. With my help, you’ll create a successful marketing campaign that adds real value to your to your business. Contact me today for more information or to get get started on the right track with your digital marketing strategy. I look forward looking forward to helping you achieve your goals!

My Google Ads (Google Adwords) Trainer content

Google Ads (Google Adwords) in two words

Some marketing tools may be difficult to difficult to understand at first, but will deliver excellent results quickly. If you’d like to find out more about how you can increase your company’s visibility, read on! of this text! Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is a pay-per-click developed by Google, through which you, as a business owner, can as a business owner, can promote your products or services or services using Google’s search engine. In short, the program offers text ads, which appear when people make when people make search queries with keywords or phrases or phrases that are associated with your business or the services you offer. Easy and effective, this technique can help you become self-sufficient and produce your own ads.

Google Ads analyzes the relevance of your ad, as well as and its relationship to keywords. Google also observes how many clicks clicks your ad has received, or click-through-rate, while taking into account the relevance of your page. It all depends on the level of competition present on the keywords you’re betting on, as well as the relevance of the keywords, Google Ads may or may not work for your business, so it’s very important to so it’s very important to choose the right keywords when it comes to effectiveness of this program. Google Ads could also be an essential element in the growth of your site and your company.

The short answer is yes, Google Ads is effective. Companies often don’t know how to attract visitors to their site. With the help of AdWords, this problem can be solved. What’s more, research has shown that most consumers don’t realize they’re clicking on an ad, and as and, as previously stated, most searchers ignore publications that ignore the publications at the bottom of the page, even if they of the page, even if they are more relevant to their needs. It worth giving Google Ads a try for your business, so if you’re so if you’re ready and willing, don’t hesitate!

Google Ads (Google Adwords) training content

Problems linked to sponsored links: profitability, click-fraud problems, rights. Advertising networks and formats: Google Adwords / Adsense, Bing, etc.

Universal campaign: desktop, mobile, tablet… How it works: bidding system, Google Quality Score, etc. Google AdWords interface

Define your objectives: sales, traffic, etc. Define an advertising media plan.

Choose your broadcast time and target audience. Budgets and bidding strategies. Complementary to natural references

Configure your campaign. Choose keywords and target them.

Determine your bid. Write ads. Advertising extensions: location, attraction, links, reviews, products… Define and optimize your landing page. Set up statistics tracking. Focus on mobile campaigns

Principles and benefits of display advertising and retargeting campaigns. Youtube campaign.

Display campaigns. Remarketing campaigns

Monitoring dashboard. Performance analysis: KPI selection.

Corrective action. Master the Google Adwords editor. Optimize your landing pages with A/B testing

Sales Leads

Website traffic Product and brand awareness Brand coverage and awareness Application promotion Creating a campaign without a specific objective

Choose the right bidding strategy (optimize for conversions, impression rates…) Define your maximum bid amount

Define your campaign’s daily budget

Best practices for creating a Google Ads ad depending on the type of campaign Respecting the constraints imposed by Google Ads (respecting competition, prohibited keywords…)

How to create a Google Ads conversion event to measure the number of sales and leads generated Display several ads in a single campaign to perform performance performance tests Add ad extensions (images, additional links, phone number, phone number…)

Analyze the different results columns provided by Google Ads Add customized performance columns according to your needs

Measure the number of conversions from your Google Ads campaigns Improve campaign quality score Identify the best-performing devices (computers, mobiles, tablets) performance Identify the best ad delivery times

My Google Ads (Google Adwords) Trainer FAQ

Google Ads are a form of online advertising that allows companies to place ads on Google Search and other Google-affiliated websites. Google Ads work on the principle of pay-per-click (PPC), which means that companies only pay when someone clicks on their ad. on their ad When creating a Google Ads campaign, businesses can choose from a range of can choose from a range of options Google AdWords is a great way to get the word out about your business, because it allows you to easily connect with new customers. You can use AdWords to market your business by business by placing an ad in Google search results. Google search results. This makes it easy for people to discover your which helps attract new customers. What’s more, you can you can easily target ads based on geographic location geographic location or specific keywords. This means that you can easily target potential customers interested in your products or services. This is a great way to generate more traffic to your business and attract more customers! AdWords is a good way, not only because it’s a marketing marketing tool, but also because it’s a great way to find new customers. When you use AdWords, you can easily target potential customers who are looking for the products and services you offer. This makes it an excellent way to find new customers and extend your company’s reach! reach! It’s also a great way to find keywords related to your business, so that web users can easily find you find you when they’re looking for what you have to offer. What’s more, you can you can easily create landing pages for each specific specific advertising campaign so that people have somewhere to go where to go after they’ve found you through AdWords ads. This makes sure that people don’t miss out on your business get what they want! It’s easy to set up and manage an AdWords campaign, as there are many online resources to help you with this process. For example, there are many useful blog articles online that explain how to set up and manage an AdWords campaign. You can easily access these resources by using the Google Help Center, or by searching online for specific specific questions about setting up and managing an AdWords campaign. In addition, there are numerous where users can share tips, tricks and best practices, tips and best practices for running an AdWords campaign. This makes it easy for companies of all sizes to find help setting up and managing their campaigns! campaigns!

Google Ads works on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. (PPC) basis, which means that companies only pay when someone someone clicks on their ad. Companies can define a budget for their Google Ads campaigns and choose from a range options for targeting their ads. Here are just some of the options available for targeting Google Ads: -Keywords: Target ads according to specific keywords that users search for on Google. -Location: Target ads to people in specific locations, such as such as a city, state or country. -Device: Target ads to people using specific types of specific types of devices, such as computers or smartphones. Google AdWords is a paid advertising platform used to drive traffic to websites. It enables companies to advertise their products and services on the the Internet. It is one of the most popular advertising platforms platforms in use today. This makes it an attractive option for companies to advertise on. It’s easy easy to set up and use, making it an ideal platform ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. It also enables companies to target their ads to particular groups ideal for marketing campaigns. This makes it a powerful advertising option that businesses should take advantage of. Google AdWords is an excellent option for advertising because it provides fast results in response to changing market needs. market needs. This is thanks to the targeting options available on the platform. It’s easy to set up and use, making it an ideal an ideal platform for small and medium-sized businesses. This allows companies to easily tailor their campaigns to the needs of their target market. It also makes it easy to see who is interested in which products and services before launching launch targeted campaigns. This makes advertising on Google AdWords an excellent option for businesses worldwide. On the other hand, some believe that AdWords can be costly for some especially if they don’t know how to manage their campaigns effectively manage their campaigns. Indeed, with so many options available on the platform, so it can be difficult to know how to manage your campaign effectively. In addition, many different different factors can influence ad quality. It how these affect your costs is essential for effective for effective campaign management.

The Google Ads tag must be placed on every page of your website where you want ads to appear. When an Internet user visits a page featuring the Google Ads tag, their browser requests an ad from the Google Ads server. The server then delivers the ad to the visitor’s browser. In addition to being a good practice, placing the Adwords tag on the page is also easy to implement, as it can be done automatically. automatically. You can set up automatic ad placement for your company to place the AdWords tag on the contact page. place the AdWords tag on all pages containing contact contact information. This way, you don’t have to do anything and you can concentrate on running your business. business. Another reason why the AdWords tag is a good choice of placement is that it helps users easily find important important contact information. When searching for a plumber, for example, people will probably first look for plumbers plumbers in their city. If you want to be found easily when someone searches for “plumbing services”, the tag is an ideal choice, as it highlights key information when when displayed on a page. The Adwords tag can also be placed on different pages and used to highlight different information depending on the page category on which it is placed. For example, it could be placed on FAQ pages or product pages product pages, where it would highlight frequently asked questions or useful tips and tricks. In this way way, users who need help with a product or service will easily find what they’re looking for. service will easily find what they’re looking for when they visit these these pages, as they’ll immediately see what they need highlighted. they need.

Google Ads can be an effective way to to drive traffic to your website and generate leads or sales. or sales. Used correctly, Google Ads can a cost-effective way of reaching your target market. Here are just a few of the benefits of investing in Google Ads: -You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so you can which allows you to control costs. -You can target your ads to people in specific locations which can be very effective for local businesses. local businesses. -You can target your ads to people using specific devices devices, which can be very effective for reaching mobile users One of the advantages of Google AdWords is that it allows you to target users with ads relevant to their search results. results. This is particularly useful for companies that sell products or services related to the terms and questions someone is searching for. For example, a repair business might target users searching for “computer repair near me”. A restaurant might also target users searching for “restaurants “restaurants nearby”. These are just two examples of the many ways you can target users with ads when using ads when you use Google AdWords. Another reason why Google Adwords is so popular is that is that it lets you choose what to spend your advertising on. You can choose where your ad will appear and which ads are displayed next to each other. This gives you a lot of control over your advertising budget and and allows you to spend as much or as little as you like on each advertising campaign. What’s more, since it’s based on you only pay when someone clicks on one of your ads. one of your ads. This gives you the freedom to allocate a budget budget according to how much you think each user will pay will pay for your product or service.

There’s no single answer to this question, because becoming a Google Ads expert requires a combination of knowledge, experience and skills. However, here are a few tips to help you become a Google Ads expert Ads: -Read books or articles on Google Ads and online marketing. marketing. -Take an online course One way to become a Google Adwords expert is to take a course or online courses on the subject. This will enable you to learn about the platform and gain experience with it. You then use your knowledge to start working work as a freelance marketer for the platform. platform. This is an excellent way to gain experience and start making money with Adwords campaigns. However, it’s important to note that becoming an expert doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and dedication to learn everything there is to know about Adwords campaigns. Another way to become a Google Adwords expert is by reading books on the subject and using trial and error. This method requires only a little reading and a lot of trial and trial and error. You can start by reading online material on Adwords campaigns, then apply what you’ve learned in practice. practice. Over time, you can improve your skills and become an expert in the field. One thing to bear in mind is that this method requires a great deal of patience, as there’s no guarantee that your results will be consistent over time. The final way to become a Google Adwords expert is to working as an employee for a company with Adwords campaigns. In this role, you’ll learn about all aspects of the campaign aspects of the campaign, including bid management, ad structure ad structure, ad performance metrics and targeting options. targeting options. Once you’ve gained sufficient experience in this role, you can then begin to apply what you’ve learned you’ve learned working on your own campaigns. It’s important important to note that becoming an employee is not easy, since companies generally hire experienced professionals rather than beginners.

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