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romain rissoan consultant formateur marketing fondamental

I’m a fundamental marketing consultant and trainer,Qualiopi bilingual English, specializing in helping businesses and business owners understand the basics of effective marketing. My goal is to to help them reach their potential audience, increase sales and generate more leads. I offer services such as on the fundamentals of digital marketing, website design and development website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO) search engine optimization (SEO), social networking and information management as well as other areas of marketing. I also offer assessment and analysis services to companies to ensure that their strategies are in line with their objectives. As a consultant and trainer in fundamental marketing, I have extensive experience of working with SMEs, start-ups, large corporations and non-profit non-profit organizations, providing them with the necessary guidance to help them better understand the tools at their disposal and how to best to achieve their goals. I am also available for individual consulting services, and can provide detailed detailed advice on all aspects of marketing, from budgeting to audience audience targeting, content creation and much more. Ultimately, my goal is to help companies realize the full potential of their potential of their marketing plan by providing them with an in-depth understanding understanding of current trends and best practices, without sacrificing the integrity of their budget.

Whatever the stage of your business, I can provide essential information and advice to help you achieve your goals. My services are tailored to each client’s individual needs, so that they get the most out of their marketing plan. Contact me today to find out to find out how I can help you succeed in your marketing efforts.

My content as a Fundamental Marketing Trainer

Fundamental marketing in two words

Marketing can be defined as the analysis of consumer needs and all the means of action used by organizations to influence organizations to influence their behavior. It creates perceived by customers and adapts a company’s commercial offering to consumers’ desires. It affects the entire company organization, which is entirely which is entirely focused on customer satisfaction, rather than on the product.

The term “marketing” was translated into French with the words with the words: mercatique and marchandisage, expressions eventually abandoned. In the 1980s, it became globalized and accompanied the television and radio. It extended to products and services sold to organizations. From the 1990s onwards, its techniques, practices and specificities were perfected.

Since the 2000s, its methods have continued to evolve and new areas explored, particularly with the rise of the “digital natives” generation generation of “digital natives” and the global success of companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon. 2000s also saw the emergence of Web Marketing (or e-marketing). Since 2004, it has been both participative and social, interacting with consumers via social networks. with consumers via social networks. The Internet is used in a participative marketing logic: the customer/consumer is involved in product development and evolution. They can, for example for example, be asked to choose a new logo or slogan. The participative marketing is also known as collaborative marketing.

The English call these variables the 4 P’s, Product – Price – Place – Promotion: The product variable: the aim is to determine which product features are most important to the customer. product characteristics are most important to the customer: size, quality, lifespan…

The price variable: this involves determining the price that will enable to sell large quantities of the product without compromising its image in terms of quality. Distribution (place): this involves determining the distribution channels distribution channels (i.e. the types of stores) in which the be sold. If stores are unsuitable (selling sneakers in a hairdresser’s), sales will be lower. lower. The Communication variable (promotion): this involves making the product product to as many people as possible, using advertising media (television, internet, radio, mail).

Marketing and ethics The ability of the marketing function to understand and influence consumer behavior is not without its problems. Since the 1970s, consumer associations have been highlighting the dependence of some customers on brands, and the dangers of ubiquitous the omnipresence of advertising. Indeed, some people do not hesitate to go into massive debt to buy products they don’t need, but which advertising they don’t need, but which advertising makes artificially indispensable.

In search of the loyal customer Although Marketing as an independent function is relatively recent is relatively recent, it has nevertheless undergone a number of changes. Until the 1980s, sales and distribution were essentially based on a single transaction. essentially based on the logic of a single transaction. But companies realized the need to keep customers loyal to their brand and loyal to their brand and products. In fact, it is far for a company to keep a loyal customer than to go out and find a new one. a new customer. The emphasis is now on the relationship with the customer, to ensure that he or she is satisfied and willing to buy to buy the company’s products again. This is known as marketing.

Fundamental Marketing training content

Master the different types of marketing : strategic, operational, etc. The evolution of marketing concepts: from universal marketing to personalized marketing?

Analyze the specific nature of marketing by industry (BtoC, BtoB), using concrete examples

Market research: tools and methods for market developments and opportunities: qualitative/quantitative qualitative/quantitative/socio-cultural/trend books Tools and methods for researching market opportunities

Define your niche, the niche you want to occupy, the different different added values Analyze the competition: research stages and structure, monitoring tools to gather tools for gathering strategic information

Analyze consumer behavior and motivation From need-to-buy behavior to renewal Analyze customer journeys and experiences to identify insights and enrich your marketing plans

Building/reinforcing your segments and objectives in BtoB and BtoC How to map your customer positioning competitors

Mastering the golden rules of orientation: conceptual panels as a belief tool

Manage your projected operating statement What are the right answers, methods and tools for drawing up and your budget?

Building/reinforcing your segments and objectives in BtoB and BtoC How to map your customer positioning competitors

Mastering the golden rules of orientation: conceptual panels as a belief tool

Traditional and digital media: which media? How can we use different media coherently and harmoniously? harmoniously?

How do you translate your positioning into promises, proof and benefits? Define your signature, your tone and appropriate content

Développer des relations à long terme entre le marketing et les autres opérations internes et externes : ventes, R&D, fabrication, agence, finance et le bon briefing Synergie Marketing – Actions Commerciales et Forces de Vente : Suivi des Cibles et des Ressources Clés

Présentez votre plan et répondez aux objections

My Basic Marketing Trainer FAQ

Everyone has a role to play in marketing. The role of a is to help a company achieve its objectives. objectives. Marketing managers must have excellent communication and organizational skills. The role requires a understanding of the company’s products and advertising techniques. The role also requires the ability to adapt to changing customer needs and trends. To become a successful marketing manager, you first need to be well about the role and the industry. Body paragraphs: A marketing manager must have an in-depth knowledge of customers and advertising techniques. A marketing manager must be able to read consumer trends and and analyze customer needs. He or she must also be adept at creating advertising campaigns that target customer needs. A good marketing manager will thoroughly research new new advertising techniques and trends. He will also be aware of customer complaints so they can create advertising campaigns that solve these problems. A good marketing manager will will ensure that his or her company follows the latest advertising techniques.

A marketing manager must be able to adapt techniques to different different situations. A marketing manager must be able to quickly modify advertising campaigns in response to customer feedback. He or she must also be able to quickly prices in response to competition or new taxes. A good marketing manager will be able to quickly modify advertising styles based on industry trends or customer feedback. customer feedback. He will also be able to quickly modify his company’s product range in line with customer preferences. customer preferences. With this kind of flexibility, a company can easily adapt to changing market conditions. However, not everyone not everyone is cut out to be a marketing manager. Some people may may not have sufficient knowledge or experience in the the role. Marketing is a very specific field, and a person who limited to one technique will only succeed in one situation. For example, a person who only knows how to advertise products won’t succeed in every situation. cannot succeed in all situations, as other aspects of marketing are involved. aspects of marketing are involved.

Marketing is the art and practice of selling goods or services or services to targeted consumers. It is an essential essential component of most modern businesses. But many people people misunderstand the role of marketing. They think it’s just advertising. While this is part of marketing, marketing marketing can be much more than that. It can be used to sell almost anything, including products and services services that benefit society. Marketing is an essential in business and society. Body paragraphs: marketing is an excellent way to promote almost any product or service. It can be used to inform people about new products, to inform people about promotions promotions and to inform people about upcoming sales. It’s a great way to get people interested in your company and to get them to buy your products or services. It can also be used to inform people of events or other news that have an impact on have an impact on your customers’ choices. For example, you could promote a charity event that benefits your cause. Or, you could your restaurant’s pasta dish as the best choice for a certain day of the week. choice for a certain day of the week. Marketing is an excellent tool for businesses, helping them to reach potential customers and and develop their business.

Marketing is also a great way to meet new people and establish people and build new relationships. It can be used to tell people about the latest news, products or services by your company. You can also use marketing to tell people about upcoming events or other news that has an impact on your impact on your industry or field. For example, you can use marketing to talk about what’s happening at art classes or sporting events sponsored by your company. You can also also use marketing to let people know about the exclusive offers and promotions your company is offering to certain groups of people. of people. In addition, you can use marketing to tell people about the employees who work in your company, or about certain charitable causes causes you support. In this way, you can establish relationships with influential people who can help promote promote your company.

Marketing is one of the most important professions professions today. The role of a marketing manager is to coordinate and manage a company’s marketing activities. company’s marketing activities. The role of a marketing manager is essential to a company’s a company’s success. The role of a marketing manager is so important important that it can be likened to a role model for employees. Anyone wishing to become a marketing manager needs to have a good understanding of the role. They must also be be able to analyze data and make predictions. Body paragraphs: To become a marketing manager, you need to have a good understanding of marketing. This includes knowledge of different marketing theories and how to apply them. It also means knowing the different marketing strategies and how to choose the right one for your business. It essential to know how to create a good corporate image. image. A successful marketing manager knows how to communicate with all levels of employees within the company. He knows how to manage employees and steer them in the right direction. He knows how to motivate employees and set high standards for standards.

You must also be able to analyze data and make forecasts. forecasts. This means finding and analyzing information about your target audience, your competitors, trends and new products. You need to know what your customers want, examine industry industry trends, and find ways to stay one step ahead of your competitors. You should also look at how your company compares to your competitors and find ways to to improve your weaknesses. You can do this by finding out what people in your target audience want, and then finding ways to give it to them. You should also look at how your company compares to your competitors and find ways to improve on what they offer. You can even find ways to attract new customers by customers by changing the way you present your products or services.

A marketing manager’s job is to to promote the company and the products it represents. However, the a marketing manager’s main job is to help the company the company to improve its products, services and image. On the other hand, some people believe that marketing managers only promote a company’s image rather than improve its products and services. products and services. Furthermore, some believe that responsible for improving a company’s products and services. products and services. Body paragraphs: A marketing manager’s job is to promote the company and the products he or she represents. The are responsible for creating campaign ideas, setting objectives setting objectives, creating budgets and evaluating results. They also help other employees in their work. A good knows how to create a good image for the company he or she they represent. In addition, marketing managers need to be good salespeople because they have to meet sales targets in order to keep their jobs. keep their job.

A marketing manager is an important position for a company because it helps promote the company’s image. A good marketing knows how to promote his or her company’s image by creating campaigns and using social networks. He or she also knows how to handle customer complaints and keep records of important important information. What’s more, a good marketing marketing manager can help employees understand how their work affects the company’s image by giving examples. On the other hand, some people think that a marketing manager is not responsible for improving a company’s products and services. Some believe that a marketing manager’s job is simply to promote simply to promote the best product or service they know of. This means that marketers can simply promote a company’s image instead of improving its products and services. services.

An organization’s marketing approach is the way it it uses marketing to connect with its customers and stakeholders. stakeholders. The marketing approach is chosen to match the current needs of the organization, the target audience and competitors. The marketing approach also depends on the organization’s climate and the organization’s objectives. Changing conditions oblige organizations to constantly re-evaluate their marketing strategy. Body paragraphs: marketers need to choose the right marketing approach appropriate marketing approach for their target audience. Changing customer customer demands has made traditional marketing strategies less effective. This has led to the growth of specialized markets with specific customer demands. For example, online retailers retailers must meet the needs of customers who prefer to shop from home. shopping from home. As a result, retailers must use online marketing to connect with this specific specific clientele. Specialized marketing campaigns also help organizations to attract specific stakeholders. Women’s soccer fans prefer to wear pink during matches to easily identify with their favorite players and teams. players and teams. Companies that produce pink items earn the most during sports matches, as women’s soccer fans pay particular female football fans pay particular attention to pink items. For Therefore, it’s important for retailers to use pink in their their advertising to stand out from their competitors.

Marketing can be successful using a variety of methods. Companies have have many options for attracting new customers and retaining existing customers. These include traditional such as newspapers, billboards and radio ads. billboards and radio ads. They can also use social media such as blogs and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Online advertising includes search engine optimization search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising on such as Google AdWords. All these methods work the current economic climate and the organization’s objectives. objectives.
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