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Facebook and Social Networks Consultant Trainer, Qualiopi bilingual English, I am the author of several books on the subject of ROI from Social Media and Networks. I my expertise to companies and training centers as an expert Facebook speaker. Facebook expert speaker.

As part of these engagements, I share practical advice on how to use how to use Facebook for business. My workshops help businesses better understand the possibilities that a well-managed Facebook account account can offer. As a Facebook Training Consultant, I work with companies and individuals to develop and individuals to develop effective strategies that will help them get noticed in their target market. I also offer customized training plans and individual coaching sessions to ensure that all users users understand the full potential of Facebook as a marketing marketing tool. My clients have successfully increased their leads, traffic and sales by implementing the tactics learned in my workshops. In addition, I have written several books on social media marketing and network available online or through various distribution channels. distribution channels. Through these resources, I provide valuable information on maximizing your online presence while providing sound advice on how to make the best use of the various platforms available. I’m passionate about helping companies increase their profits by leveraging social media marketing, and I strive to provide my clients with valuable information to help them achieve their goals. objectives. If you’re looking for an expert Facebook speaker or need help creating an effective strategy for your business, please don’t business, please contact me and let’s get started!

My Facebook Trainer content

Facebook in two words

Facebook is a social network designed to “connect” people people to each other through personal posts, sharing of information news and audiovisual content. The idea is to connect you with people close to you, such as friends and family friends and family, colleagues who attended the same school as you or people who share your interests. There are currently some 2.4 billion users worldwide, and has exponential growth since its creation. The only drawback is the concern for the security of user data which is a daily point of criticism on the platform and which makes many wonder if it’s safe to use.

As for what it’s used for, we said at the outset that it’s to communicate more or less with people near (and far) through various through shared interests or important moments. But today, it has also become a huge advertising showcase from which companies also benefit.

After creating a Facebook profile, the user is invited asked to specify the information they wish to provide. They must also also choose the security level that applies to each one. each one. Once logged in, users have access to all Facebook features. Facebook lets you share photos, videos and links with videos and links with your friends. The social network also offers also offers a wide range of applications and games, most of them developed by third parties. Facebook now includes an instant messaging instant messaging system, so you can chat directly with your friends directly with your friends via your browser, just as you can with like Windows Live Messenger or Skype. This directory contains all the articles about Facebook. These guide you through the process of creating and configuring your how to use it and protect your privacy. privacy.

1. You may find old acquaintances or classmates old classmates. 2. We can share information, images and moods in in real time.

3. You can ask for help (moves, tips, recipes, comments…); either our “friends” will respond quickly, or we’ll find support groups through Facebook 4. We can organize events. 5. We can play our favorite mini-games, so you’ll tell me we can do that elsewhere too; but what’s interesting here is that we can beat our our Facebook friends, so we can combine challenge and competition! competition! 6. You can chat with one or more friends at the same time. As for gossiping with your girlfriend, you’ll avoid having to say (or write) over and over again! 7. For us bloggers, it’s a great way to get the word out.

1. Even after deleting your Facebook profile, it still still exists. Yes, it will never be deleted, nor will all the information information you’ve provided. So be careful what you put recruiters often notice. 2. You spend a lot of time on it (and therefore have no time for the housework, the baby, the kids, the humor!). More seriously, spending time on Facebook is for fun, but you quickly lose it, and eventually you realize that after an hour of surfing the web, you haven’t really done anything. you haven’t really done anything…

3. We use our phones a lot less. to get news from friends friends and vice versa (and you can quickly wonder whether you really care about you because we’re really friends or we’re “friends” just to keep up with gossip of my life!).

Facebook Training content

Discover the different advertising formats on offer: photo, video, carousel, slideshow… Choose the ad format according to your specific objectives specific objectives: form ads, dynamic ads…

Determine where to broadcast on Facebook and beyond: PC, mobile, News Feed news feed, audience network… Use different campaign creation tools to suit your needs: Business Manager account, Power Editor… Create and organize campaigns: set-up, targeting, format, location, budget… Measure performance: link tracking, metrics…

Define animations according to objectives: recruit, retain, engage… Discover the different types of events: boneto, grand prizes, quizzes, prize draws, photo contests…

Respect the rules applicable to contests and those specific to Facebook rules. Create and track competitions using third-party applications: objectives, rules, formats, deployment… Promote your competitors to increase your audience.

Discover this format and its interesting professional applications. applications. The added value of defining your objectives and content.

Specialize your approach: precautions, logistics, moderation… your live stream to increase your audience. Optimized recordings on your Facebook page, exporting your Lives to YouTube

Learn more about performance metrics. Use customized tabs.

Master the different messaging features of Messenger, Facebook and Instagram.

Create your Facebook page (local or corporate) Choose your page category

Choose your Facebook page name How to set up your Facebook page Choose a photo for your Facebook page Choosing a cover photo for your Facebook page Filling in the information on your Facebook page How can several people work on your Facebook page? How to launch your Facebook page

Manage your page administration and contributors. contributors Define editorial content (editing/validation)

Write, create events, interact with visitors and fans Respond to criticism.

Launch polls and contests Learn about useful tools and applications for page management

Analyze visitor and fan behavior Measure ROI, ROE (Return On Engagement), ROA (Return On attention)

Introduction to Open graph

My Facebook Trainer FAQ

There are a number of ways to energize your Facebook page. You can use Facebook ads, publish content, and engage with your audience. audience. Facebook Ads are a great way to reach a wider audience audience and promote your page to people who may not who may not be familiar with it. You can target your ads ads to people based on their interests One way to energize a Facebook page is to publish relevant relevant content. This means creating content that’s relevant to your target audience and share it on your page. This helps you build a loyal audience who will see your posts and like them. When they like your posts, they’ll become subscribers to your page and start seeing your content. This leads to an engaged audience who see more of what you have to offer, which increases your page’s visibility. Another way to boost a Facebook page is to interact with fans and other users of the platform. This means you join groups, post to them and respond to fans’ comments. comments from fans. This helps build your reputation as a social media expert and helps you attract more attention to your company. What’s more, interacting with fans shows that you’re approachable, so that fans feel comfortable feel comfortable contacting you when they have questions or problems. This generates more business for you because it leads to more fan referrals.

If you wish to delete your Facebook account, you can you can do so by going to the settings page and selecting the selecting the option to deactivate your account. This will remove your profile from the site and prevent people from find you on Facebook. You can also choose to delete your account, which will permanently delete all your data from Facebook data. Deleting your Facebook account is easy. To do so, you need to know you need to know how to access your account settings from the Facebook application or website. Go to your account look for the option to delete your account and follow the instructions to confirm your decision. Your Facebook account will be permanently deleted upon confirmation your deletion request. Although deleting your Facebook is easy, it’s a difficult decision, as you need to weigh up the pros and cons before deleting your Facebook account. The benefits of deleting your Facebook account include the ability to the ability to control the amount of information about you is shared with others. In addition, you can also delete all your posts and images from the platform at once. at the same time. By deleting your account, you can also create a new one a new account with a new username and new security settings. security settings. This allows you to start from scratch and start sharing content with a different audience. audience. The disadvantages of deleting your account include the inability to share or comment on posts or photos or photos made by others. In addition, deleting deletion of your account may result in the loss of access to any data all the data you have collected through your use of the platform over the years. If you want a platform that hasn’t that hasn’t changed much since you started using it, deleting your your Facebook account would prevent you from accessing all your previous messages or photos. You’d have to go through each one manually and delete them from the platform before creating a new account with new account with new security settings. Although deleting deleting your Facebook account may be easy for some some people, it can be difficult for others due to the sheer because of the amount of information deleted from the platform. It also important to know that deactivating your account does not account does not remove all your information from the platform; only certain functionalities will be deactivated when you deactivate your account. Deactivating your account access to all your information, but it will not allow you to use any of the will not allow you to use the platform’s functionalities. platform.

You can copy a video from Facebook by going to the video’s video page and selecting the Share option. From here, you you can choose whether to copy the link or embed the code. Copying a video from Facebook is easy and free. To do so, simply simply click on the little arrow next to the video’s title bar title bar and select “Copy”. This will enable you to easily share the video on your own page or anywhere else you like. You can also paste the link directly in a comment on your friends’ wall or in a chat conversation chat. When other people see your post, they’ll be able to watch the video immediately, since Facebook seamlessly synchronizes your posts across all your devices. If you’d like to save the video directly to your your computer, you can also use the “Video” option in the drop-down menu next to the title of the publication when on your mobile device. This feature allows you to take a screenshot of the video so that you can easily when you share the link. Cloning a video from Facebook is another way of easily copying videos from the platform. This method involves taking a video from one location and duplicating it in another. For example, if you want to copy a video about sports in one city city and show it in another city, you’d clone it there instead of there instead of creating a new video. Dolly Jean by Christina Aguilera is one of the most famous clones due to her popularity popularity with young audiences. For this reason, many artists today have used this method as a source of inspiration inspiration for their video clips. As a result, video cloning video cloning is a simple way of creating new versions of videos without having to create new videos.

Une way to hack into a Facebook account is to use using security questions. These are questions to which you need to know the answers so that someone else can access access your account. To do this, simply ask the user these and see if they reveal their password. This method is very simple and effective; however, it can only be used only be used if you already know the answers to your security security questions. If you don’t know them by heart, you can’t it’s not possible to ask someone else and get the right answers. the right answers. Another way is to contact Facebook support and ask for a reset code. a reset code. This is a process where you ask Facebook for a new password so that you can change the security your account’s security settings. To do this, simply the “Security” option in your Facebook account settings and select and select “Request a new password”. You then receive an e-mail with instructions on how to reset your password. After this, you can now change all your security options so that no one else can access your unauthorized access to your account. Another way of hacking into a Facebook account is to use social engineering techniques, such as relying on the victim to be gullible enough to fall for the scam and click on malicious malicious links, or using an infected computer to access the access account credentials. If someone fall for this scam, their social networking account will be hacked will be hacked and their personal information stolen, and they’ll have no idea how it happened. This method could be very dangerous, as it depends on obtaining sufficient personal personal information from the victim before accessing their accounts. Hacking into someone’s social network account can lead to identity theft if not done properly.

It’s easy to find the text messaging settings on Facebook. Simply go to the Settings icon in the top right-hand right-hand corner of the screen and select Messages. On the next page, you’ll see a list of options for sending and receiving receive SMS messages on your phone. The first option is Send text, which lets you choose to whom you wish to send SMS messages. You can also choose who receives SMS messages messages by selecting the Receive from option. You can also define notification settings for incoming SMS messages by selecting the Notifications option. Finally, you can also choose how long SMS messages are saved in your device’s memory by memory by selecting the Save option. Activating SMS will make it easier for you to stay in touch with family and friends. When you send an SMS to Facebook, it will only be visible to your contacts; it will not appear other people’s notifications or on their News Feeds. news feeds. So you can communicate quickly with friends and family without worrying about unwanted eyes your texts. What’s more, Facebook offers a range range of additional features that make sending and receiving text messages even easier than using a standard SMS application. a standard SMS application. For example, you can easily set up conversations with several people at once and send group SMS messages. You can also use Facebook’s rich multimedia features such as GIFs, stickers and photos when communicating via SMS. In addition, Facebook also offers group messaging messaging features that allow multiple people to communicate communicate via a single conversation thread.

The first advantage of activating the timeline chronology is that it helps you stay connected to the people you care about. People use the timeline to share information information about themselves and their relationships with others. You can use this feature to post items such as birthdays, wedding announcements, personal tragedies and other and other events in your life. This allows you to interact with the people in your network, making it easier for you to contact with friends and family. It also also makes it easier for them to see what’s going on in your life and respond to you when they need to. Being able to see when people are posting new content allows you to respond respond quickly if you need to. Another advantage of activating the Facebook timeline is that it it gives you an easy way to connect with charities and causes charities and causes close to your heart. Many organizations publish events, news stories news articles and other information on the timeline. You can always see what’s going on in your community, so it’s a great way to support causes that interest you. you’re interested in. You can also use this feature to donate money or volunteer for social causes that that interest you. It’s a great way to give back to the community and feel good about supporting worthwhile worthy causes. The third advantage of activating the Facebook timeline is that that it lets you easily share photos and videos of special events in your life. You can create a video or photo album of your special moments and share it with friends or family members. This lets people know what’s going on in your life, so they have a better idea of how you’re doing. Publishing photos or videos also lets people know about certain milestones in your life so that they can congratulate you or support you when they have the opportunity. It keeps everyone up to date on the important important things that are happening in your life, so that they know how to help you if necessary.

To certify your Facebook page, follow these steps:

Log in to your Facebook account and access the page you wish to certify. Click on Settings in the top right-hand corner of your page. In the General menu, click on Page Verification. Click on Verify this Page. Enter your phone number in the window that appears on your screen. Click on Send. Once you’ve submitted your request, Facebook will review your Page to ensure it meets the verification criteria. Verification criteria include the authenticity, uniqueness, completeness and fame of your Page. If your Page meets these criteria, Facebook will send you a blue verification badge. If you’re having trouble certifying your Page, you can consult Facebook’s help resources or contact Facebook support directly for further assistance.
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