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As a Consultant formateur de formateur, Qualiopi bilingue Anglais, I work mainly in Lyon, Paris and Marseille as a Pedagogy Expert. I work for and large groups as an expert speaker and trainer of trainers. I specialize in the design and development of training activities for adults. training activities. My many years of experience give me real expertise expertise in setting up innovative teaching projects. projects. I have considerable experience in the fields of team building, personal development, leadership and communication skills, as well as management and business skills. My passion is to help organizations organizations develop their teams by providing them with the tools to improve their performance and achieve their desired results.

I also organize seminars on topics related to professional culture, such as diversity management such as diversity management, cross-cultural awareness and networking intercultural awareness and effective networking. These seminars enable professionals to broaden their knowledge of these topics and develop the skills skills needed to foster positive change in their working work environment. As a Train-the-Trainer Consultant, I also specialize in the development of customized learning solutions to meet the unique needs of each organization I work with, whether it’s a short whether it’s a short one- or two-hour seminar or a full-day workshop. full-day workshop. My training sessions are highly interactive and often include games, activities, case studies and role-playing to ensure that participants participants remain engaged throughout the training. In addition to my professional experience as a trainer, I hold a degree in adult education from the University of Lyon and a post-graduate diploma in diploma in human resources management from the École de commerce de Paris. I am also a member of various professional associations such as the International Association for Human Resource Professionals (IAHPRP). I look forward to working with you and providing your organization with customized learning solutions that will help you achieve your your goals! Contact me today to find out more about my services or to arrange a visit to your workplace.

My Trainer content Trainer content

Trainer de Formateur in two words

As its name suggests, the coaching profession trains future trainers. The coaching profession requires specific skills, which is why training to become a coach is so important. The coaching involves the transmission of knowledge, a learning technique learning technique for anyone wishing to pass on knowledge to pass on their knowledge. For individuals or companies. The trainer’s trainer instills the techniques of running a training session. Basic structure of and teaching techniques for transmitting knowledge. knowledge. Coaching is a little-known but promising profession promising in France. This do-it-yourself activity is reserved for adults. Those who want to train other adults and help them develop their professional professional skills and techniques. In addition to sharing their knowledge, trainers also act also act as facilitators. Indeed, coaching as a profession as a coach is also to be able to create a training activity. activity. Individually or in groups, for educational and engaging content.

Coaching is a highly flexible profession in constant evolution. Whether within a company or directly with clients. Coaches need to be able to be flexible in terms of travel customer requirements.

The trainer accepts adults, employees of any status or job seekers. Continuing training is a field is a field of high internal mobility: the work is temporary and trainers sometimes work for several organizations simultaneously. As a result, they must constantly adapt to changing needs. The professional conducts training activities for which he or she autonomously. They may need to modify content and content and schedule according to events and audiences. He/she travels to companies to provide on-the-job training. on-the-job training.

Coaches offer consulting, training and/or development training and/or development services to adult employees or or jobseekers (various audiences), to update their knowledge or or learn new things. They run these to adults wishing to acquire additional skills through courses through training courses, individual or group courses. courses. He bases his mission on various pedagogical documents and guidelines developed by the association, which his experience helps to enrich. to enrich.

Trainer of Trainers training content

Identify the trainer’s role Identify the trainer’s 3 functions.

Identify the trainer’s main attitude. Animate from an existing teaching scene. different teaching methods and techniques. Use an existing sequence

Identify the key stages and conditions for learning. Translate them into concrete teaching practice

Speak lightly. Use verbal and non-verbal verbal. 7 keys to activate pedagogy.

Take into account temporal biorhythms. Anticipate and manage difficult situations.

Organize your actions. Analyze training requests.

Identify objectives at different levels. Write clear learning objectives.

Make and explain pedagogical choices. Design process and support

Try out different techniques. Animate with digital tools.

Dare to play educational games. Manage your speaking time

Set up individual and collective reviews. Participants are encouraged to take stock of their achievements achievements and progress

Organize your action. Analyze training requests.

Identify different levels of objectives. Write clear pedagogical objectives.

Make teaching choices and explain them. Design the program and materials.

My Trainer FAQ Trainer FAQ

There are many ways to become a trainer of trainers. trainer. One way is to take a course or certification program specifically designed specifically for trainers. Another is to way is to have work experience as a trainer in a particular trainer in a particular field, such as corporate training, event events or customer service. customer service. There are also online programs that can help you become a certified trainer. Whichever path you choose, becoming a train-the-trainer can be a rewarding and rewarding and challenging career. If you want to become a trainer of trainers, you’ll need to excellent communication, presentation and organizational skills. presentation and organizational skills. You need to be able to engage dialogue with your audience and keep them engaged throughout the training session.

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