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I am a consultant trainer and Influencer in Professional Training, Qualiopi bilingual English Training. With over 10 years’ experience, I specialize in developing customized training programs for professional organizations that are tailored to their specific goals and objectives. objectives. I’ve helped countless companies reach their full potential through effective leadership training and team-building initiatives. team-building initiatives. My services include the development of workshops and seminars that provide practical tools and techniques to guide teams to greater success. In addition, I offer coaching sessions designed to enable individuals to take their own growth process.

As a consultant trainer and Professional Training Influencer, I’m passionate about helping people achieve success in their professional and my goal is to help every organization reach its greatest potential its greatest potential by providing quality training solutions. training solutions. Through my work as a consultant, trainer and influencer in the in the field of professional training, I bring a unique set of competencies skills that enable me to connect with people at all levels. levels. My enthusiasm for creating impactful learning experiences learning experiences has earned me the trust of many organizations and individuals. In addition to my consulting and training services, I also offer a series of public speaking engagements. My topics range from effective leadership to promoting collaboration in the workplace, and I’m always on the lookout opportunities to share my knowledge with others. At as an influencer in the field of professional training, I am often often invited to speak at industry conferences and events. events. My commitment is to continue providing quality solutions that help organizations achieve their goals and inspire individuals to take to take ownership of their success. With a solid track record, I’m looking forward to to partner with other companies as a consultant, trainer and influencer in the field of professional training. I’m convinced that quality training solutions are an essential element of any of any successful business. Thanks to my expertise, I can help your organization take its training initiatives to the next level. to the next level. Contact me today to find out how I can be a valuable asset to your team!

My content as an Influencer Trainer in professional training training

Influencer in professional training in two words words

Active on social networks, the influencer posts stories stories, videos or publications on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok or Snapchat. Even on the professional network LinkedIn, a few personalities influence an entire community of followers.

The role of the influencer is to inspire interest in a subject or product or product, through quality content. An influencer can raise awareness of the environment, green fashion and beauty as well as feminism, for example.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the many advantages of being an influencer:

Make a living from your passion Organize your work time independently Make a real impact on your community of subscribers Enjoy positive success Receive products or services offered by partner brands partner brands (in exchange for sponsored publications) Meet new people, travel

Nevertheless, there are disadvantages that should not be overlooked:

Difficulty finding partners Not making much money at the start of your career Time-consuming publications: posting takes time. control your image Having haters: being a victim of cyberbullying Being recognized too often in the street Psychological risks: feeling like the impression of living in a virtual world, in a permanent facade.

Influencers create content and publish it that they publish on social networks, based on instructions instructions from brands, advertisers, etc. Their similar to that of a community manager. Appearing as new opinion leaders, they are then able to able to influence consumer buying behavior, through a variety of through various digital channels. There are, for example, Instagram Instagram or YouTube influencers, etc. Their role is to will be to influence consumers about the products or services they promote. Thanks to their notoriety, they can then set new trends, which is why they’re in such high demand sought after by brands.

There are different types of influencers, namely:

Celebrities ; Macro-influencers; Micro-influencers; Nano-influencers; Blogger-influencers.

Contents of Influencer training training

– What can influencers do for your brand?

– The type of influencer (TikToker, Instagrammer, YouTuber, blogger, etc.) and the size of their community – Areas where influencers invest the most – Most relevant universe

– How can influencer marketing be applied? influence marketing?

– Examine the areas and interests of their community to determine their sphere of influence – Analysis of successful partnerships – Measure the impact of your influence marketing

– Work in multiple micro-communities

– Building relationships between brands and influencers – Transparency, contractual rules and brand ethics

My FAQs on Influencer Training professional

To succeed in life, you need the right relationships. relationships. That’s why influencers are so popular. These have a large audience and can help connect brands brands to a specific demographic. However, the term influencer” is hotly debated. Some people believe that should be held to high standards. high standards. They should only be used to promote a brand’s positive brand messages. Others believe that anyone with a large presence on social networks can be an influencer.

Body paragraphs: Influencers are commonly used to promote to promote a brand’s products and services. In this role, they comment on current events, share their favorite products and experiences and offer recommendations to their followers. They can also be used to attract new subscribers and interact interact with their existing fans. For example, Kylie Jenner publishes selfies of her products on social networks so that her see how they look on her. She also publishes looks for the coming season, so that her subscribers can get get ideas for their own wardrobes. In this way, she this way, she creates demand for the products she promotes by arousing her fans’ interest and curiosity about these items. For example, Kylie Jenner is an influencer who is used to Kylie Cosmetics, a make-up brand owned by her and her owned by her and her siblings. By using her presence on social networks to talk about the products, she attracts and interacts with her existing fans. She creates brand brand loyalty and positive associations with her audience because of because of it. This enables her to obtain free publicity for her business and earn money on every customer she attracts. She also has access to privileged information information because of her relationships with the people who the company and can share it with her fans. This has led to a lot of positive publicity for the company, which which was previously known for making negative headlines.

Influencer marketing has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. The popularity of this form of advertising taps into a consumer’s desire to connect with like-minded people. connect with like-minded people. However, many are skeptical of influencer marketing, believing it to be it’s a waste of money. Some believe that companies should solicit influencers when they have a promotional a promotional need but don’t already have a large enough fan base. Others think that companies shouldn’t shouldn’t rely on influencers when they can achieve the same achieve the same results through traditional marketing channels. Despite these points of view, many agree that that companies should seek out influencers when they need authentic input from a large audience. product or service. An influencer with a large online presence is likely to have a large number of fans who would be interested in hearing about new products and promotions. promotions. What’s more, his or her fans are likely to share this information with their own fan networks. Therefore, the simply contacting an influencer represents more marketing than traditional advertising.

Another reason for soliciting an influencer is that an influencer’s fans are likely to be receptive to the product or service. are likely to be receptive to the advertised product or service being advertised. After all, many consumers turn to to their favorite celebrities and sports stars when making purchasing decisions. As a result, they are likely to be receptive to recommendations from their favorite influencers. They are also likely to be open to new products and services services endorsed by the person they most admire. This makes enlisting the help of an influencer extremely profitable for many companies. However, not all consumers will be receptive to an influencer’s recommendations. Some influencers may be aware of the potential marketing value of their fans. fans. Others may not care about promoting a particular product or service because they’re already rich and influential in their own right. in their own right. What’s more, if an influencer has little influence on purchasing decisions, he or she may not have much influence on the influence on their fans’ purchasing decisions.

An influencer is a person who has a large audience on social networks and can influence the buying decisions of others. decisions. There are many ways to compensate an influencer for their for their efforts. These can include getting paid for product product reviews, being paid to talk about certain products and being paid to create content. Buying products because of an influencer’s recommendations of an influencer is called “influencing” because the the influencer helps create customer demand.

Body paragraphs: an influencer can generate brand awareness by brand awareness by talking about the product in their videos. This can increase brand visibility and recognition. It also help build relationships with people in the industry, which can industry, which can help future business transactions. transactions. An influencer can also generate a lot of interest in a new or niche industry, which can help with future with future advertising opportunities. All this contributes to revenue for the company the influencer represents. An influencer can generate sales by talking about the product in videos. This helps to increase interest in the product and may lead to more purchases. It’s also an excellent way to reach a new audience and build new relationships. From many brands use influencers to start conversations with their conversations with their audience and find ways to solve customer customer problems. An influencer with relationships with companies like this can also be a major asset to them. for them.
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